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Mothers Day Flowers

Choosing Mother’s Day Flowers:

Mothers Day flowers
As the old saying goes, it is the thought that counts. But if you’re trying to select the best flowers for Mother’s Day, you want to know that the floral arrangement you’ve picked out for your mom is something she truly enjoys and wants to show off in her home. With so many floral designs and bouquet options, it can be overwhelming to select the best flowers for Mother’s Day for your mother or the mother of your children.

Here are some tips that may help you feel confident in your final floral decision – and leave you smelling like a rose:

Price. Determine how much you wish to spend and a color that you’d like the florist to work with. San Diego Flowers by Coley can help make a Mother’s Day selection easy by choosing a Color Your Day with Beauty Bouquet. The stunning bouquets are offered in a variety of bold colors, allowing you to choose her favorite color or something that would complement her kitchen or dining room.

Floral placement. Where is your mother going to place her flowers? If you don’t know, ask your dad. If your mother often places them on the kitchen counter, you might be able to get a bigger or taller arrangement than something that would likely go on her coffee table and block the view of the television.

Find out what is in season. Seasonal flowers for Mother’s Day are often popular choices and less expensive. Red roses are beautiful, but would your mother enjoy a colorful arrangement that includes a few red roses or a dozen roses in the same color? Unless you’re certain your mother loves red roses, then go for it and buy a colorful mixed bouquet.

How long will they last? While a bouquet of fresh flowers are lovely, some mothers may prefer a nice plant instead. San Diego Flowers by Coley offers a variety of floral arrangements, including plants. If it’s important to you that your mother is able to enjoy the flowers for Mother’s Day for awhile, ask your florist about a plant, or about selecting blooms that will last longer.

Send a gift, too. A gift can be a great companion to any floral arrangement. San Diego Flowers by Coley offers a variety of gifts, including frames, personalized gifts and spa products that would complement any floral arrangement you’ve chosen. Selecting a family photograph to put in a beautiful frame can add a sentimental touch to the holiday.

Don’t overlook carnations. Carnations are the traditional Mother’s Day flower, a custom dating back to the early 1900s. Many people overlook the sweet-smelling flower. Carnations are always a favorite, especially when featured in a bold, colorful floral design.

Why stop at just flowers on Mother’s Day? San Diego Flowers by Coley offers the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, its Flowers Every Month arrangement. Each month a new seasonal floral arrangement will be sent to your mother so she can enjoy a beautiful floral bouquet from you throughout the year. To order flowers for Mother’s Day, make your selection from our category listed above or call us at (800) 488-8114.